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To overcome the ad revenue obstacle, many influencers are now looking for new ways to monetize their content and expand their audience reach. However, YouTube only allows users to access a limited set of subscriber data, such as age range, general playback locations and device types. This data is in… - 5/22/2017

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, influencer marketing, and a focus on millennials are three prevalent trends we're seeing today. And they are three areas to which public relations teams should be paying attention this year. - 5/19/2017

The JMRConnect CEI platform recently garnered the Best Marketing Technology award from The Holmes Report at the In2 Summit in Chicago. - 5/15/2017

The popular music sharing app is primed to be used for influencer marketing. - 5/12/2017

Marketers can leverage influencer content to make their own content more memorable. - 5/11/2017

To date, it has been hard to quantify influencer marketing. You know how many clicks your website gets. You know how many people open your marketing emails. Influencer marketing hasn't been so easy to track, and as the old saying goes, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." - 5/5/2017

With "fake influencers" increasingly coming into play, influencer marketing users have to be more aware than ever. - 5/5/2017

The integration will be another excellent tool for the emerging practice of influencer marketing, which is comprised of new and innovative ways brands are engaging and influencing their audiences at a time where face time is at a premium and mostly exists within the realm of social media. - 4/28/2017

Pepperjam conducted a study on the way that marketers leverage technology to build influencer marketing. - 4/28/2017

Influencer content is climbing the value chain in marketing, according to the recently released "The Value of Influencer Content 2017" study. The paper by Linqia indicates that this content, which once lived exclusively at the top of the marketing funnel to drive awareness or engagement of brands or… - 4/28/2017

The Federal Trade Commission this week revealed that it has sent more than 90 letters to so-called social media influencers. These communications reminded these athletes, celebrities, and others that truth in advertising standards apply to Instagram just as they do to other forms of media. - 4/21/2017

The influencer marketing front is an increasingly valuable one for marketers; here's how to make sure you're using it to get the most value from it. - 4/21/2017

Influencer marketing is a hot new trend in marketing, but just what value does it have? A new Linqia study reveals surprising points. - 4/13/2017

Customer acquisition is the top priority for brand marketers this year, according to results of a survey conducted by data asset management solution provider Bynder. Meanwhile, a 2017 Dimension Data study indicates customer experience is the top strategic performance measure for 71 percent of the co… - 4/13/2017

Pepsi's poor decision to use Kendall Jenner as an influencer in its latest advertisement has resulted in backlash that could damage the brand's reputation. - 4/7/2017

Influencer marketing on Instagram clears the $1 billion mark, and may double that number soon. - 4/3/2017

A recent study from Marketing Dive found that budgets for influencer marketing are growing. - 3/30/2017

Tidal Labs' influencer marketing content-as-a-service (CaaS) program sees impressive growth on a year-to-year basis thanks to a variety of factors. - 3/30/2017

The new Amplified platform from #HASHOFF is going to be shaping influence with organic social influencer marketing through the paid media targeting of posts. - 3/24/2017

Sports retailer Adidas has aligned with 25 female social media influencers in an effort to double its share of the women's sports apparel market by 2020. - 3/23/2017

With the first quarter of 2017 almost up, here's what to watch for this year in influencer marketing. - 3/14/2017

A new study from influencer marketing facilitators has found that consumer trust in brands has fallen immensely. - 3/13/2017

New guidelines from the Committee of Advertising Practice urge both influencers and influencer marketing practitioners to be open and honest about sponsored content. - 3/10/2017

Financial services companies can use social media as more than just a way to broadcast messages to their customers and potential clientele. They can leverage it to attract top talent, create new businesses, fill their sales pipelines, and position themselves as industry thought leaders. - 3/8/2017

Nickelodeon's 2017 Kids' Choice Awards will have a new element to them this year-the "KCA Social Squad" of influencers. - 3/3/2017

Influencer marketing is an increasingly popular target for brands to place marketing dollars in a bid to get their message in front of interested users. - 3/3/2017

Dovetale has launched a new platform that brings social media influencers and brands together based on image recognition and machine learning for YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and Twitter. - 2/24/2017

It's a powerful new tool, but what are the important things to know about social media influencers and influencer marketing? - 2/23/2017

Last night in Chicago, as part of its In2 Summit, The Holes Report named the winners of its 2017 North America In2 SABRE Awards. The program targets the customer engagement and marketing world, highlighting new and innovative ways brands are engaging and influencing their audiences at a time where f… - 2/17/2017

A planned visit to Israel for several NFL players goes south amid discovery of influencer marketing plans. - 2/14/2017

Facebook's new ad algorithms have left users craving more original content, offering a prime opportunity to leverage market influencers. - 2/14/2017

Businesses need to change the way they approach marketing to truly take advantage of the benefits of influencer marketing campaigns. - 2/9/2017

Innervate announced this week its new influencer marketing program, Gamesight. - 2/8/2017

The number one factor marketers should consider when evaluating an influencer is their reach. How big is their audience? Who is in it? Marketers need to consider if an influencer is worth investing in based on how many people they reach, and if those people are in their target demographic. In conjun… - 2/2/2017

The Australian Association of National Advertisers has made changes to their policies surrounding influencer marketing - 2/2/2017

Segmentation has always made sense in marketing, and it makes sense in influencer marketing. Micro-influencers will likely be able to create more targeted content which will resonate better with some prospects, leads and viewers. - 1/25/2017

By choosing the proper influencers, companies and brands can get their messages across to a captive and engaged audience. To truly utilize and glean value from influencer marketing though, businesses need to make sure they are using the proper tools for measuring and managing campaigns and results. - 1/23/2017

The Holmes Report has named JMRConnect a 2017 North American Innovation & Insights SABRE Awards finalist in four categories: Best Agency Disruption; Corporate/B2B; Employee Engagement; and Marketing Technology. - 1/18/2017

The Internet is a big place, and digital marketers have had to work on narrowing their target audiences and their goals with a lot more skill. Enter influencer marketing. Last year, Google Trends found that influencer marketing surpassed print marketing for the first time. - 1/18/2017

FollowAnalytics' new Mobile Optimization Suite turns to both machine learning and predictive intelligence tools to help shape influence marketing. - 1/13/2017 has announced the launching of a new extension for Google Chrome to make it easier for brands and market influencers to connect. - 1/12/2017

A look back at influencer marketing in 2016 shows much of why marketers will likely keep turning to it in 2017. - 1/6/2017

TapInfluence has come out with its 10 influencer marketing predictions for the year ahead. - 1/2/2017

Influencer marketing has gone mainstream. In fact, acorn says, "influencer marketing is now taking precedence over traditional marketing strategies like print and video advertising." - 12/30/2016

New reports from Linqia suggest that 2016 was a big year for influencer marketing, and 2017 will likely be bigger. - 12/28/2016

A study from Bloglovin' found that the No. 1 downfall of influencer marketing is a lack of authenticity and trustworthiness. So, what can your brand do to prevent that? - 12/14/2016

New studies reveal how the use of shaping influence via social media gives brands an edge in the marketplace. - 12/5/2016

CNN has acquired Beme, a mobile video app created by YouTube influencer Casey Neistat, to reach millennials who prefer to get their news digitally. - 12/2/2016

When brands want to shape influence, earned media content offers the best returns. - 11/23/2016

A majority of viewers interact with brands on social media, mainly by watching videos. Marketers should thus make video a central part of their strategy as they look to influence consumers. - 11/21/2016

Marketers are seeing a lot of success leveraging influencer marketing. Here are some best practices to follow when doing so. - 11/18/2016

While many businesses see social media as an afterthought, successful leaders are espousing the value of Social Selling as a means of shaping influence and building business. - 11/17/2016

Shaping influence with social media marketing is gaining a lot of ground, but plenty of small business users aren't using it at all. - 11/11/2016

A new report from Buzz Marketing Group offers detailed insight into the media consumption habits, news sources, opinions, and preferences of millennials today. It concludes that millennials are a diverse and opinionated bunch that consumes media "at an astounding rate" and that brands whose advertis… - 11/11/2016

Most companies today monitor social media to some extent, and for good reason: it's a free treasure trove of organic, unsolicited customer opinions on a company's industry, performance, competitors and partners. As social media gets ever larger and more dispersed across dozens of platforms, however,… - 11/4/2016

For instance, if someone runs a social media page centered around food and finding the best places to eat in New York, they're probably not the right person to reach out to about promoting a dietary plan. This is valuable information for advertising agencies, and, by tapping into IBM Watson, Influen… - 11/3/2016

Influencer marketing has become a hot commodity today. Every brand wants in on it in some way. It's almost like word of mouth - but better. People trust those they look up to and follow on social media - so getting them to vouch for your product typically translates to dollar signs. - 10/27/2016

What criteria have you established for your influencer marketing initiatives? Do you look for those that have the best reach locally or do you put yourself out there in the national or international space to support your growth? Once you've identified your targets, do you then settle on platforms? H… - 10/26/2016

Last week, Google announced that it had acquired FameBit, a company that helps connect independent content creators with brands that are looking to create endorsement and product placement partnerships. This is the first ever influencer network to operate under Google's roof, and will primarily focu… - 10/17/2016

The new Campaign Planner allows business owners and associates to construct media plans and share them with clients and co-workers. The official Facebook word on the new product says that it is "a standalone tool for media planners to draft, compare, and share media plans using reach and frequency b… - 10/17/2016

When it comes to reaching the target audience, there are several tools in a marketer's arsenal that can have the desired impact. None of them, however, are quite as fun as video when it comes to shaping influence. The challenge, of course, is building out a video marketing strategy that helps you re… - 10/13/2016

How many times have you seen a product and thought "Who would use that?" or "It would be better like this"? Chances are you've had similar thoughts countless times. Imagine if there was a way for you to share your thoughts and help improve on products. Now, thanks to Social Soup, you can, and compan… - 10/11/2016

Influencer marketing is increasingly being implemented by companies in all vertical markets, as a cost-effective and straightforward way to increase sales and improve customer engagement and retention rates. But just how influential is influencer marketing at the end of the day? - 10/4/2016

Mavrck is taking their platform to the next level by partnering with Adobe. The agreement focuses on a technology integration that enables companies using Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) to build influencer audience segments with Mavrck's influencer activation engine. - 9/28/2016

With these new insights available, brands and influencers will have a much easier time going forward. Snapchat can be an incredibly influential tool when it comes to marketing, and now companies have the appropriate tools to measure how well the platform is working for them. - 9/23/2016

Whether you know it or not, in 2016, user generated content (UGC) is an enormous part of your organization's marketing. Of course, not all of it may be good, but that's beside the point. It's out there in the form of social media reviews, message boards, blogs and online product/service feedback Web… - 9/22/2016

With influencer marketing becoming an ever-increasing part of the picture for marketing-being one of the last forms of marketing that users will actually seek out and interact with-it's not surprising that businesses in this sector are drawing significant interest and investment. Melbourne's Tribe p… - 9/15/2016

Many of today's marketers lack the time and, often, the ability to generate quality content to help their brands. Once they do manage to create content, they can have difficulty getting the right eyes - or any eyes - to read it. - 9/14/2016

The idea of influencer marketing - using those in a position of relative fame to promote a product - is nothing new. In fact, celebrity endorsements have been a central part of advertising for decades now. What is different today, however, is that the criteria for what makes an influencer have broad… - 9/9/2016

The influence of social media is becoming pervasive in most aspects of society, steadily enhancing or outright replacing more traditional forms of media. Ana Flores, founder of the Latina Bloggers Connect group, recently told Inc. magazine how her group consisted solely of bloggers when formed a mer… - 9/6/2016

The next time you get an urge to slap a smartphone out of some kid's hands and tell him or her to experience the real world instead, reconsider. That kid might be building the next great marketing empire, built around social media and a thing called "influence marketing." Just ask some of the bigges… - 9/1/2016

We all know that influencers can make or break a marketing campaign. Using the right influencers for your campaign is key to selling your product, reaching the right audiences and maybe even gaining attention from customers who, otherwise, would not have paid the advertisements any mind. That's why … - 9/1/2016

Influencer marketing is incredibly successful, so it makes sense that more and more companies are hopping on the bandwagon. Based on ION's findings, 81 percent of marketers who have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective. With stats like that, who wouldn't want influencers on their side… - 8/1/2016

Due to TapInfluence's influencer marketing automation platform, all of these companies are able to increase market share and increase revenue growth through scalable reach and optimized engagement to achieve exceptional ROI. - 7/20/2016

I hate it when there is a missing piece to the puzzle. You spread all the pieces out on the dining room table, put together the outer edge, spend spare minutes every day carefully seeking key pieces, and get nearly finished only to find there is a missing piece. - 7/20/2016

I'm not doing a lot of research to back up the thesis of this post. I don't need to will all testify that what I am about to say is true. Nintendo is one of the most impressive and innovative companies in the world. They've reinvented what it means for humans to play games four times. - 7/18/2016

Why have the faces of anonymous models on the covers of magazines and in TV commercials been replaced with those of celebrities, musicians and supermodels? The answer is influence. - 7/13/2016

Building a winning culture involves some pretty obvious things like hiring high caliber talent, producing innovative products and displaying true grit; but the most critical factor is creating an environment where people feel safe. Physical safety is a no-brainer, but emotional safety is paramount. … - 7/7/2016

It's no secret that marketing is a powerful tool in getting consumers to buy products, especially when it comes to younger children. Food advertising is no different. Anyone who has been in a grocery store or owns a TV will likely recognize Chester the Cheetah, the cartoon associated with Cheetos, w… - 7/6/2016

We can now comparison shop with just a few taps and swipes on our mobile devices from anywhere we are. The ease of doing that and making online purchases has made the buying decision process much faster than it was in the past. - 7/1/2016

There's a lot of value in making the connection with influencers, and taking advantage of that emotional connection. We all want to enjoy the things we buy, and feel good about our purchases. What good is an objectively better product we feel nothing about, or worse, a better quality product that ma… - 7/1/2016

Amid plethora of database management systems, you need to make sure that there is alignment and integration with your site and hosting company's system. Furthermore, since sites need to have a backend database, you need to ensure that your hosting service provider offers you the type of database sys… - 7/1/2016

Make your business's marketing a success, while still responsibly managing your budget! Ensure that you're able to afford marketing efforts that are going to benefit your business long-term. - 6/24/2016

The importance of better understanding customers and acting strategically were front and center when Microsoft earlier this month announced plans to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. - 6/24/2016

The platform improved visibility of the remarketing business data - including sales by region, product and manager - as well as key market and product trends. It is expected to deliver several benefits to the client's remarketing business, including clearance of supply chain bottlenecks and better d… - 6/15/2016

Three tips for building buy-in and getting everyone on board - 6/13/2016

Despite this fact, it is clear that market influencers can have a greater impact on consumers than any traditional advertising means. A 2013 Nielson study found that 80 percent of people trust a product endorsement from someone they know (with "know" being extended to include someone they have merel… - 6/13/2016

Behemoths like Uber or Amazon can operate based on bulging coffers or economies of scale. Much of the "sharing economy," however, is discovering that venture capital can prop them up for only so long. This latest round of frothy investment has been based on Internet and app-centric economics-a langu… - 6/9/2016

Marketing is a land fraught with peril right now, and a lot of great opportunities to waste money. Print media is in a death spiral, to the point where even the New York Times is offering side services. Television is fragmented and digital video recorders (DVRs) are making it easier than ever to ski… - 6/9/2016

In any given week, it would not be unexpected to find guest speakers at an incubator voluntarily sharing business wisdom related to technologies, accounting, tax, intellectual property protection, visa processes, business plan creation, funding strategies, marketing, business structure and other top… - 6/3/2016

One of the hottest new trends in marketing is the leveraging of market influencers, third party individuals who can drive customers towards one brand over another. The issue that marketers face with this practice is the same one that has bedeviled marketers since the creation of the industry: how do… - 6/2/2016

Finally, it is important to remember the importance of timeliness. Taking too much time to approve content can cause it to lose momentum or fail to capitalize on current events or new developments. There needs to be enough trust in the content creator to not take too much time to approve a piece of … - 5/27/2016

Time management is one of the unspoken challenges of every new entrepreneur. At the starting gate, one has just so many things to take care of, and so little knowledge of what steps to take, that time wasted might be the best measure of start-up costs. - 5/27/2016

One of the most critical elements to any marketing campaign today is customer influence. Largely shaped by social media, customer influence is how strongly your customers act as brand advocates for you. Some customer opinions, however, matter more than others. While it may be great that your social … - 5/20/2016

A recent study carried out by Bloomberg suggested that four in five businesses fail within the initial 18 months, meaning that there's only a slim 20 percent chance of success. There are many common mistakes made by new businesses that lead to failure that could otherwise have been prevented. While … - 5/16/2016

Every day, it seems another innovative startup has landed millions of dollars in funding, making news and leaving entrepreneurs wondering what they're doing wrong. Although the media may make it sound as though millions of dollars are waiting for startup founders, entrepreneurs often find they must … - 5/13/2016

Done right, influencer marketing grows as it spreads. Those who share the content add content of their own, customizing the messages that they are sharing with others, adding life and relevance to your campaign. - 5/12/2016

Amazon did it with books, then Apple did it with music, then Netflix did it with movies and the entertainment industry has never been the same. It's not a coincidence that each of these companies moved through a similar progression to disrupt their respective segments of entertainment. It's a roadma… - 5/3/2016

In the dizzyingly fickle and fast-paced world of social media, it's becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to separate value and expertise from the fakers and the cheaters. Companies need a clear game plan to navigate this complicated and crowded world while retaining brand integrity and … - 4/29/2016

Employee retention can often be a serious issue for smaller businesses that don't have the time and manpower needed to conduct frequent hiring processes. New startups and smaller organizations are also more likely to lack the budget and financial resources required to provide the most competitive sa… - 4/28/2016


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