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TMCNet:  Fanrush Explores World of Charitable Influencers

[June 11, 2019]

Fanrush Explores World of Charitable Influencers

BARCELONA, Spain, June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Fanrush, a Barcelona-based startup that is building tools to better connect influencers with their fans believes that social media influencers are becoming major drivers of charitable giving. While the media portrays influencers as compulsive selfie takers, many major influencers are actually using their powers for good. In a new report, Fanrush profiles Simonetta Lein, and lists over twenty-one influencers who are using their reach with fans to raise money for charitable causes.

In the past 5 years, there's been a boom of individuals that have used social media networks to successfully create dedicated communities around niche topics and brands have recognized the power of these indivduals to affect consumers' buying decisions and influencer marketing quickly transformed into an industry.

A new trend in the industry of altruistic influencers is growing. Influencers with desire for something more meaningful and eager to speak up about their values. Influencers representing all niches on Instagram are aligning themselves with charitable causes and signalling what virtues they align with.

"I believe there is an urge to use our platforms to inspire and show concrete actions. Being an influencer is a strong word and it has to be done consciously. I want to show through my own actions that it is possible to bring awareness about topics that are afflicting so many, and also do something to change people's lives." says Simonetta Lein, an Instagram fashion & lifestyle influencer with over 1.7M followers.

Charities are beginning to notice, recognising that their messages and imagery need to involve people in order to be compelling and create engagement, many charities are working with influencers that have publicly aligned themselves with a shared value.

"This is an exciting time for charities and influencers alike," notes Justin Byard, CEO of Fanrush,. "We're seeing more and more influencers align themselves with values and building meaningful communities around these values, that are helping to raise awareness for a multitude of charitable causes. At Fanrush, we believe this new type of influencer is the future for charities and non-profit organisations."

About Fanrush

Fanrush is a Barcelona-based company founded in 2018, developing tools to empower content creators and influencers grow their audience, be the best in their fields of expertise and build deeper connections with their fans. Through their tireless commitment to their mission Fanrush is poised to build a space for content creators to be able to show their personality, beliefs & causes they believe in, and to be discovered by fans and brands that align with their values.

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