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TMCNet:  Speed, a leading Lightning network-based Bitcoin and Stablecoin payment processor, has released APIs for developers

[September 20, 2022]

Speed, a leading Lightning network-based Bitcoin and Stablecoin payment processor, has released APIs for developers

Speed makes a developer's API public. Developers from all over the world can use the Speed payment platform to build bespoke solutions or integrate them with already existing ones.

LAS VEGAS,  Sept. 20, 2022  -- Speed is a leading lightning network-based Bitcoin and stable coin payment processor. Recently, Speed has released APIs that will allow developers to build custom applications on top of the Speed payment platform.
With the public API launch, Speed is empowering developers to create their own apps using our payment infrastructure. With the help of Speed APIs, developers can start creating eCommerce plugins, SaaS billings, and rewards workflows on top of their software.
Speed provides a robust Developer Guide, API Reference Documentation, and public APIs for a seamless integration and development experience. Internally, Speed uses the same API infrastructure to power its own payment platform. Speed offers pre-built headless APIs for business applications such as e-commerce checkout, donation payments, influencer payments, invoicing, and so on. The business applications and APIs are designed in such a way that you can quickly create your own custom solution with little code.

In addition to this poerful API documentation, Speed allows you to test the API integration in both test and live modes for modeling and verifying your integrations. You can experiment with payments in test mode without modifying live data or interacting with a live bitcoin node or lightning network node.

Along with enabling businesses and merchants to accept bitcoin and stable coin payments, Speed offers a highly secure and instant payout in any bitcoin on-chain or lightning wallet.
With the recent launch of the Taro protocol on the lightning network, a lot of use cases related to currency exchange will happen directly on the network. Using the Taro protocol, customers will be able to pay in any digital currency, while merchants will get a balance in their preferred digital currency. All the exchanges will happen on the lightning network itself. They will provide great flexibility in payment transactions.

Speed is founded by Jayneel Patel & Niraj Patel. After the massive success and acquisition of Orderhive, an inventory management software envisioned by Jayneel & Niraj, they decided to follow their inclination towards Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. And by launching Speed, both aims to make Bitcoin and stable coin transactions easy for merchants and users were achieved.

About Speed
It is simple to incorporate bitcoin payments into both new and pre-existing apps thanks to Speed, a leading bitcoin and stablecoin payment platform built using the lightning network. Speed makes it possible for you to send and receive microtransactions very quickly using the bitcoin lightning network. Additionally, these payments are processed at a far reduced cost in a simple, secure, borderless, and programmable manner. No matter what kind of business you are in online retail, marketplace, SaaS, e-commerce, B2B, or B2C. Speed offers a robust platform without the need for months of integration and customization, giving you more time to concentrate on the success of your product and the satisfaction of your customers.

Company Details:
205 E Harmon Ave,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169, USA

Contact Details:
Phone: +1-516-606-8934
Email: [email protected]

Media Contact

Jayneel Patel, Speed, 1 -516-606-8934, [email protected]




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