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TMCNet:  Nobl9 Announces Integration with Microsoft Azure Monitor to Simplify Creation and Management of Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

[November 15, 2023]

Nobl9 Announces Integration with Microsoft Azure Monitor to Simplify Creation and Management of Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

Nobl9, the software reliability company, today introduced a comprehensive integration for Nobl9 Reliability Center with Microsoft Azure Monitor. Nobl9 Reliability Center is the single source of truth for the reliability of an organization's internal, customer-facing, and mission-critical software. With the new integration, customers can create Service Level Objectives (SLOs) based on Azure Monitor data, quickly find and use historical data to select the optimal SLO targets, and use the full potential of Azure Monitoring metrics to simplify SLO creation and management.

"Azure is dedicated to helping our customers build the most reliable and easily managed solutions in the cloud. The collaboration between Nobl9 and Azure Monitor aims to empower organizations to enhance reliability and operational efficiency," said Hong Gao, Partner Product Manager, Azure at Microsoft. "Furthermore, this partnership elevates customer experiences by efficiently managing the entire lifecycle of reliability, ultimately ensuring the fulfillment of customer commitments."

"Everyone knows setting reliability goals is beneficial, but it is increasingly difficult to do it at the scale and complexity of modern enterprises," said Stephen Elliot, Group Vice President, I&O, Cloud Ops, and Observability at IDC. "Integration with cloud providers such as Azure Monitor is a game-changer for organizations striving to optimize their software reliability practically and efficiently."

Integrative Workflow from Discovery to Deployment for Azure Native Observability

Nobl9 Reliability Center covers the entire observability ecosystem, and helps customers understand their software reliability. With the integration with Azure Monitor, Nobl9 can provide customers with an end-to-end experience allowing them to discover, write/author, calibrate and deploy SLOs with speed and ease. New benefits allow customers to:

  • Metrics Discovery - Simplify creation of Azure Monitor SLOs based on existing Azure resources with a few clicks
  • Pre-fabricated Reliability Goals - Prewritten SLOs with smart defaults common to infrastructure use cases on Azure, providing out-of-the-box reliability objectives
  • Easy Customization & Deployment - Nobl9 SLI Analyzer retrieves historical reliability data from Azure Monitor which lets you calibrate reliability targets to specific customer needs.

"We went further in our integration with Azure Monitor than any other data source," said Brian Singer, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Nobl9. "We're showcasing ur new metrics discovery capability that lets customers quickly and accurately create useful SLOs based on data and resources they already have in their cloud environment with just a few clicks."

Providing a Single Source of Truth for Reliability

Nobl9 Reliability Center connects the business and user context of SLOs to an organization's existing workflow. By integrating with more than 50 popular DevOps, observability and incident management tools, Nobl9 Reliability Center provides users with a single source of truth for all software reliability data in context - including metrics, events, logs, traces (MELT), alerts, incidents, releases, rollbacks, runbooks, and other documentation. This granular view allows users to quickly understand the reliability of their software and operations - allowing them to make key business decisions in real-time about the resiliency of their system.

"Using Azure Monitor and Nobl9 together lets us deliver and maintain reliable software, which is essential to achieving customer satisfaction and staying ahead of SLAs," said Santa Kumar Bethanapalli, Head of Cloud Operations, Site Reliability Engineering, Cloud Security at Software AG. "With this new integration, we can quickly and easily automate the entire reliability workflow based on our Microsoft Azure environment with little to no configuration. The productivity we get allows us to focus on creating and delivering capabilities to customers."

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About Nobl9

Nobl9 delivers a software reliability platform that adds business context to software delivery. Global Enterprises in the financial services, eCommerce, and SaaS industries, such as Flexera, Outsystems, Procore, Ticketmaster, Software AG, and Trusted Shops choose Nobl9 to accelerate engineering, set clear software reliability goals, and ensure end user happiness. Nobl9 enriches data from popular enterprise observability systems and fits into developer workflows using popular DevOps and collaboration tools. Nobl9 is backed by Battery Ventures, Bonfire, Cisco Investments, CRV, Harmony Partners, Resolute, ServiceNow, and Sorenson Capital. Learn more at

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