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Shopping Links Founder to Speak at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

August 18, 2016

The founder of Shopping Links, an Australian startup that connects brands with influential bloggers, is expected to speak at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week alongside a panel of other important figures in the fashion market.

Kim Westwood, the founder, will join Alyce Tran of The Daily Edited and Julia Stevanja of Stylerunner as they talk about the role of influence marketing in fashion. They will discuss a range of topics such as the role of social media and well-known public figures in marketing campaigns. Although fashion is not a topic often spoken about in the pages of TMC, it is nevertheless a global market that experiences the same type of consumer interest as any other industry. It therefore can use social media to its advantage and, if it’s lucky, make the most of the burgeoning methods of influencer marketing.

Westwood commented on this reality in her statement that precedes this speaking engagement:

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this fantastic panel and to be able to share the insights I have gained while building Shopping Links,” Westwood said. “It’s such an exciting time for influencer marketing, and the opportunities for brands and influencers to productively work together are growing more and more each day. Anyone entering the fashion industry should be aware of influencers and the role they play in securing brand exposure.”

The value that Shopping Links brings to businesses is its ability to easily link brands with bloggers. Through Westwood’s website, brands first post a collaboration request on the website before searching through Shopping Link’s network of bloggers that would be willing to work with new partners. The website matches brands’ requests with new bloggers that may range in influence from niche markets to international influence, such as those with Instagram, Twitter or Facebook followings with hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Instead of leaving brands to their own devices, Shopping Links then takes this process one step further by offering brands professional consultation services that help point them in the right direction. For brands that have never sought blogging influence before, this consultation can make sure they make the most of their stay at Shopping Links.

The panel at Spring Fashion Week will bring this message to many local brands in attendance. Although individuals at the event may reside in Australia, they can learn from Westwood, Tran and Stevanja about the global reach that social media and influential figures can provide.

Edited by Alicia Young

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