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Mezzetta Looks For an Influence Marketing Strategy, Taps Linqia For Support

August 24, 2016

Since influence marketing is one of the last forms of marketing that its targets will actively seek out instead of actively avoid, it's becoming an increasingly popular marketing option. It's even gotten to the point where influence marketing can be effectively used on foodstuffs, and Mezzetta—the world's leading producer of peppers and olives contained in glass packages—recently turned to Linqia to bring extra influence Mezzetta's way, pushing for greater market share.

Linqia offers businesses an unusual proposition even in the influence marketing sector; it uses a “pay-for-performance” model that allows businesses better control over outcomes, and focuses on what's called the “power-middle” influencer. The power-middle influencer is a social media or similar figure that has built a following, organically, of anywhere from 10,000 to 250,000 people. These people also interact routinely with the product in question, in this case, those who have created recipes or content involving the use of Mezzetta peppers and olives.

That power-middle focus is increasingly proving to be valuable ground for marketers, in this case, reaching about 13.1 million consumers total, and giving said consumers better incentive to check out more information about Mezzetta as a component of recipes and the like. With over 7,500 pieces of original content created, representing about 4.5 times the initial investment in media value, it proved to draw customers who were quite interested in Mezzetta products. The potential consumers actually proved interested as well, engaging with the content at a rate far beyond expectations, about 1,063 percent more than the program originally envisioned.

There were even collateral bonuses; Mezzetta actually landed enough new product photos—people taking pictures of Mezzetta products for use in the blogs and social media posts—to double its own photo library. Since the marketing was paid for, the content can be reused elsewhere as needed, giving Mezzetta further value.

With targets actively tuning out most expensive advertising—everything from time skipping functions on television to ad blockers for Internet sources—it seems like the only form of marketing that people are willing to stop and pay attention to is the influencer marketing, at least for now. This poses some substantial problems to several different institutions, as everything from television to websites depends on advertising for ongoing survival. If the only effective way to be a marketer in the future is to be an influencer, what happens to all the television shows and websites that don't necessarily exert influence? Are they doomed to fail or to seek Patreon support in a bid to stay viable?

This new development is a bit unnerving, but in the short term, it's clear that anyone who's looking for effective marketing—whether using or providing it—needs to look to augmenting influence exerted first and foremost.

Edited by Alicia Young

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