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Choosing the Right Influencers for Campaign Success

September 01, 2016

We all know that influencers can make or break a marketing campaign. Using the right influencers for your campaign is key to selling your product, reaching the right audiences and maybe even gaining attention from customers who, otherwise, would not have paid the advertisements any mind. That’s why Wearsafe teamed up with Primacy for the launch of their new personal safety wearable device.

Wearsafe has developed a personal safety wearable product designed to help users in scary situations. The small, wearable Tag clips onto the user’s clothes, belt or keys and connects via Bluetooth Low Energy to Wearsafe’s mobile app on the user’s phone. From there, professionals get involved and help the wearer figure out a strategy, and can even call 911 if needed.

Given that colleges have started going back to school, Wearsafe wanted to market the product to female college students—especially freshmen. That’s where Primacy came into play. With their guidance, the safety device was marketed to college-aged girls and their parents. This was a smart move because, while going off to school may be scary for the student, it’s even worse for their parents. Parents want to know that their kids are going to be okay because, in many cases, that’s the first time the students have lived away from home.

So, how did Primacy choose to market to these parents? One of the major components of their marketing campaign was—surprise—the use of influencers. Primacy sent Wearsafe’s Tag to more than 30 parent bloggers, who then posted about their use, and thoughts of, the product. Joy from the Joy’s Life blog was one of the parents who reviewed the product. Her blog has a large following and Primacy knew that she would be able to effectively spread the word about the product.

In this case, the influencers weren’t celebrities—they didn’t need to be. Choosing the right influencers is all about knowing your audience. Parents these days like to read blogs from fellow parents, so the perfect influencers to reach out to were said bloggers. In this case, Primacy could have also reached out to popular teen influencers in an attempt to interest the college girls as well. Because, let’s be honest, it’s one thing to convince the parents, but another thing entirely to convince 18-year-old girls to wear a safety device when going out to a party.

Choosing the right people to help further the campaign resulted in massive success for Wearsafe. So, be sure to give your product some thought. Who are you trying to sell to, and who do those customers look to for advice? With that information, you can have as successful of a campaign as Wearsafe and Primacy.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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