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Snapchat Influencer Tracking Platform Provides Much Needed Insights

September 23, 2016

Social media is a great marketing tool; no one is denying that. It opens up new worlds of opportunit, in which marketers can reach audiences they would have had trouble with in the past. And let’s not forget influencers; the decision to use celebrities—no matter how A-list they are—forever changed the social media marketing game because influencers draw so much attention to campaigns. This sounds like the perfect scenario, right? Well, seeing how well these campaigns are actually doing is another story, especially on a platform like Snapchat. That’s where Snaplytics comes in.

Until now, it was incredibly difficult for marketers using Snapchat as one of their campaign mediums to measure how well their influencers were doing. This information is kind of a big deal—after all, why continue to pay someone if they’re not really getting the word out for you at the volume you want. That’s why it’s so important that Snaplytics, a SaaS company offering Snapchat marketing insights to brands, agencies, and online influencers, recently announced the launch of their new Influencer Tracking Platform.

Previously, influencers would have to take a screenshot of their list of viewers approximately 23 hours and 59 minutes after the Snap was posted. That was the only way to prove who watched their Snapchats. Not only is this tedious, but it’s flawed—what if the influencer doesn’t get the screenshot taken in time, and all that data is lost when the Snap is deleted?

The new solution solves this issue by removing much of the manual effort around working with influencers on Snapchat. It also provides additional insights to answer the question of how many saw the campaign and for how long. Now, thanks to Snaplytics, brands and Influencers can see number of views per story, per influencer, per campaign and number of seconds watched in total. Snaplytics’ solution is essentially answering the question of how many viewers did the campaign have, for how long and how engaged they were. 

“Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social networks in history. Many brands want to take advantage of this exciting marketing opportunity, but need a way to measure the ROI of their influencer campaigns and really understand the effectiveness,” said Snaplytics CEO Thomas Cilius. 

He continued, “We wanted to make analysis easier for brands and the Influencers, and our new Influencer Tracking Platform will encourage Snapchat influencers, and the brands they work with, to embrace the power of social media analytics. Most of the people we're working with don't want intricate data analysis; they want accessible, actionable insights that can be applied to their future campaigns.”

With these new insights available, brands and influencers will have a much easier time going forward. Snapchat can be an incredibly influential tool when it comes to marketing, and now companies have the appropriate tools to measure how well the platform is working for them. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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