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Discover Your Most Influential Customers with Mavrck and Adobe

September 28, 2016

It’s no secret that influencers can take your marketing campaign to the next level. When people think of influencers, they often think of celebrities, athletes and YouTube stars. That doesn’t need to be the case, though. An influencer can be anyone who enjoys your product, has a large following and shares their opinions with their audience. For instance, this type of influencer could be someone who runs a blog. It’s certainly easier to get this type of influencer on your side, especially if they’re already a customer; the problem is finding them.

That’s where Mavrck comes in. Mavrck’s influencer Activation Engine enables premier consumer brands to discover and activate thousands of their most influential customers to distribute branded content across social networks. It’s a fact that people are more likely to accept advice from their peers, so using average people who have a large following to promote your product is a great idea. According to Mavrck, their platform drives three friends to convert for every one micro-influencer activated.  

“83 percent of consumers trust content from friends and family according to analyst firm Nielson, which is why brands are investing heavily in activities to encourage their most influential customers to share their brand experiences with their social followers,” said Lyle Stevens, co-founder and CEO of Mavrck..

Mavrck is taking their platform to the next level by partnering with Adobe. The agreement focuses on a technology integration that enables companies using Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) to build influencer audience segments with Mavrck’s influencer activation engine.

“Mavrck allows brands to harness word-of-mouth marketing at scale by helping them tap into their most valuable marketing asset – existing customers with social influence,” commented Stevens. “Our patented influencer activation engine gives marketers using Adobe Audience Manager new capabilities for both discovering who their most influential customers are, and activating these customers to distribute content and drive conversions across four major social networks.”

With this new partnership, the Mavrck platform will offer AAM users a new level of personalization and targeting for their marketing campaigns. Once integrated, brands will be able to leverage social influence in order to identify high-value consumer segments and create personalized messaging throughout their customer journey. According to Stevens, the overall goal of this partnership is to “help brands drive more sales by creating rich, unified social profiles of customers, and incentivizing their influential customers to act.”

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