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New Influencer App Lets You in on Product Trials

October 11, 2016

How many times have you seen a product and thought “Who would use that?” or “It would be better like this”? Chances are you’ve had similar thoughts countless times. Imagine if there was a way for you to share your thoughts and help improve on products. Now, thanks to Social Soup, you can, and companies are lining up to have influencers test out their products.

Social Soup is a platform for influencers to test out products and share their thoughts and recommendations. When hearing the word “influencer,” many people think of celebrities or YouTube sensations. That’s not the case here, though. According to the company’s site, “Whether you have a large group of peeps you catch-up with regularly or thousands of Instagram followers; we have projects for you.” With this platform, everyone—people like you and me—has the power to provide valuable input.

At the time of this writing, Social Soup has 169,416 “soupers”—influencers—who have conducted 436,920 product trials. These trials include products from nutella, Bonds, L’Oreal, dyson and so on. Its popularity is growing, which is why Social Soup has launched a new app to help its influencer community gain better access to new campaigns. The app will also be used to facilitate the sharing of content.

Gamification was a huge contributor to the inspiration for this app. Gamification is the concept of taking the typical elements of game playing—point scoring, competition, rules, etc.—and applying them to other areas of activity. It’s a great marketing strategy because it keeps users engaged and coming back for more. In this case, gamification within the app will motivate influencers to really give each product trial their all.

Influencers aren’t the only ones enjoying the perks of testing out all these products, though. With each review, companies are gaining more and more exposure. That’s why Carlton United Breweries (CUB) has decided to sign on as an exclusive partner. The agency is hoping to use the new platform to manage its operations and expand its offering to clients with enhanced campaign management and data analytics.

CUB is going to be using Social Soup for all of its cider launches during Australia’s upcoming summer months. There will be plenty of festivals and summer events to bring in the influencers. The first launch with the app will be for Pure Blonde Cider; influencers will be checking out the product over summer by taking part in a series of walks set up around Sydney where they will be able to check-in with the app and consequently gain access to prizes and the product in real time.

This sounds like the perfect setup for CUB—what better way to promote your cider than by using an app where people can test and rate it? That’s a lot of free exposure. Brian Phan, head of brands – cider and flavored beer at CUB said, “Influencers are an important part of our marketing strategy so we are very excited by the new Social Soup app to help us be at the leading edge of influencer marketing.

He continued, “Partnering with connected influencers through the Social Soup app will increase our campaign reach and also give us incredible measurements which are vital to understand the success of our programs. Social Soup is part of the launch plans for all of our new cider products this year as we know getting visibility in social media is crucial to the success of new products.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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