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Beauty Influencers Keeping it Real, Demanding More from Brands

October 27, 2016

Influencer marketing has become a hot commodity today. Every brand wants in on it in some way. It’s almost like word of mouth – but better. People trust those they look up to and follow on social media – so getting them to vouch for your product typically translates to dollar signs.

One industry that’s really seen tremendous success with influencer marketing is the beauty and fashion industry. Thanks to social media and a gazillion of young women across the globe, these once unknown influencers are captivating audiences from their bedroom webcams and helping brands to drive sales to all new highs.

A big part in this has been technology and the digital world. More people than ever have Internet connections, mobile devices and a myriad of information and media at their fingertips. As these digital channels continue to innovate, it’s easy to assume this trend will also grow.

But there has been a grey line, especially in this industry, as consumers open their eyes to more of the “behind the scenes” happenings of influencer marketing. It’s become questionable on many occasions in the past what’s an actual review and what’s being paid to be said.

Luckily the FTC stepped up and demanded more clear and direct disclosures from paid influencers.  This helped some. But it didn’t stop people from watching these beauty gurus and trusting their recommendations enough to drive their buying habits.

Interestingly, what has happened though is influencers have turned the tables on brands and are demanding more from them and listening to their audiences to deliver only true, authentic opinions about the companies they are working with.  

In fact, according to a recent ‘The Voice of the Influencer’ research report out of the U.K., there is a giant disconnect between influencers and brands and how they view their working relationships with one another.

“The findings underscore a disparity that exists in the way brands currently work with influencers, and the way influencers would like to work with brands. For influencer marketing to reach its full potential, it is critical for brands to know what it takes to bridge this gap,” said Priyanka Dayal, Content Marketing Manager at Fashion and Beauty Monitor.

The survey not only revealed that influencers are becoming more selective about who they work with,  but 60 percent even said they now assess a brands reputation before they even agree to work with them.

What’s also important to influencers is that working with the companies will foster personal development for their own brand. Echoing what was stated earlier, 67 percent also noted authenticity as being a very important element in making influencer marketing work. People can see through promotional pitches today – and that kind of marketing just doesn’t work. Brands and influencers will need to get on the same page – and quickly – if they’d like to keep riding out this wave.

Edited by Alicia Young

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