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FollowAnalytics Uses Machine Learning in Influencer Marketing

January 13, 2017

Some might mistake influencer marketing as a fad, a shiny new toy in the tool box that will bore its users in a few months before they go right back to standard marketing methods. Based on some reports, that doesn't seem to be the case, and new tools are emerging routinely to help users take better advantage of this growing breed of marketing. FollowAnalytics recently released one such tool in its new Mobile Optimization Suite.

With the new Mobile Optimization Suite, influencer marketing becomes that much easier to put to work. Conversion rates can be significantly improved, reports note, as the system can optimize campaigns with its own toolset. Using not only machine learning, but also push messaging and in-app messaging, along with a set of custom messaging templates, it helps ensure that the messages that go out have the best possible impact.

Included in the new suite is a line of smart A/B testing systems to generate the best statistically-valid results, segment-based optimization to ensure that narrow splits in a close A/B test result don't mean suboptimal content going out to large numbers of people, message classification systems to not only label content but allow it to be better measured later, and the Optimize AI system to better predict outcomes going into a campaign.

FollowAnalytics chairman and founder Samir Addamine commented, “Industries such as finance, retail, banking and travel are now sending push notifications to millions of app users through their mobile devices. Marketers need an intelligent product that allows them to run multiple testing campaigns simultaneously, guaranteeing the right message goes to the right user at the right time.”

There are a lot of ways to shape influence, and having the right message going out to the right place is one of the best ways. Influencer marketing can have a great impact on the overall market—if for no other reason than it's so frequently sought out as opposed to other breeds of marketing, commonly regarded as intrusive and less useful—but without having the right message, its impact is inherently lessened. That's what gives FollowAnalytics a lot of help in the field; this is a system that's able to make better contact with potential buyers of goods and services, and improve the chances of influencing buying decisions.

The value of the FollowAnalytics system has already started to demonstrate itself, and as more users pick it up, the value will be clearer still. It's all about making that connection with the potential market, and no matter what's being sold, being able to influence a market is a powerful thing. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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