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Finding the Right Influencer

February 02, 2017

Market influencers are a great way that marketers can improve the visibility of their brand. Many consumers find market influencers to be more trustworthy than celebrity endorsers, and thus are more likely to engage with brands that utilize them. But picking the right influencer to work with can be difficult. There are a variety of factors that marketers must consider when looking for the face of their influencer marketing campaign.

The number one factor marketers should consider when evaluating an influencer is their reach. How big is their audience? Who is in it? Marketers need to consider if an influencer is worth investing in based on how many people they reach, and if those people are in their target demographic. In conjunction with reach, marketers should also consider how engaged that audience is. Are they constantly interacting with the influencer? That is usually a good indicator of success.

It is also very important to examine the content that a potential influencer creates. Is it of high quality? Does its values reflect your own? The content that someone creates is a very important thing to evaluate when deciding if they are someone worthy of investing the time and money of an influencer campaign in.

When considering the audience of an influencer, marketers must be able to demonstrate a way that their brand can be helpful to that audience. An influencer marketing partnership only makes sense if the brand or product that is being endorsed is something that the influencer’s audience will care about or see a benefit from. Any influencer marketing partnership that is not based on this principle will seem contrived and forced, and will likely end up doing more harm than good.

Influencer marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for marketers, but only when it is applied carefully and with thought. Serious time and effort needs to be put in when evaluating potential partners for a campaign. Marketers must take a long hard look at their own brand, the brand of the influencer they are considering, and the audience of that influencer. Evaluating all three of these aspects will help form mutually beneficial powerful influencer marketing campaigns.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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