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Innervate Releases Influencer Marketing Program

February 08, 2017

Seattle-based marketing agency Innervate has announced the release of a new, do it yourself influencer marketing program specifically aimed at video game manufacturers. With the video game market as competitive as it is and continuing to expand, it can be incredibly difficult for new brands to take hold and grow amongst all of the other competitors. Influencer marketing can be a great way for video game brands to gain a foothold in the industry.

Unfortunately, influencer marketing is easier said than done. Many video game manufacturers, especially younger ones, often lack the time and resources to fully commit to the research and work it takes to run a successful influencer marketing campaign. They thus often either avoid the practice all together, or run watered down campaigns that are not effective and do not provide a strong return on investment.

That is the niche that Innervate is seeking to fill with its new platform, Gamesight. The platform, which Innervate refers to as “Facebook ads for influencer marketing,” is designed to match brands with potential influencers that would create a successful influencer marketing campaign.

“The Gamesight suite of tools includes everything a game company needs to run a successful influencer marketing campaign on Twitch and YouTube in the highly-competitive, data-driven landscape of modern game development,” the company explained in a statement. Innervate’s suite of tools also includes Game Boards, a dedicated forum solution with robust, games-specific features; Track, the only marketing attribution tool for Steam games; and Indie Kit, an all-in-one solution for building game websites that pop.

The hope for Innervate is that its new Gamesight platform will dramatically improve the influencer marketing process for video game brands. Gamesight should dramatically reduce the time that marketers are forced to spend searching for the right influencer for their brand by sorting and presenting data, and make it easier to get in contact. It also contains powerful tools to build brand websites and host demos, live showcases, and other forms of marketing for its video games.

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