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Dovetale Uses Image Recognition to Unite Influencers and Brands

February 24, 2017

Brands are always trying to find ways in which to make their products accessible to their audience. And with the number of channels digital technology makes available to businesses today, it is possible to address virtually every demographic a company wants to reach. Social media influencers and brand ambassadors have now become one of the best ways to reach different audiences for a company. Dovetale has launched a new tool that will make this process even more efficient by being able to find influencers based on image recognition and machine learning with a first-of-its-kind recommendations engine for brands on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and Twitter. 

One of the greatest benefits of influencer marketing is that it doesn't have to target the market as a whole. Based on the audience this particular influencer has, a brand can create a campaign that is niche specific to deliver higher ROI compared to traditional marketing. Additionally, social media influencers are able to build relationships with their audience on behalf of the brand. This creates a customer base with long-term prospects as long as the influencer continues to interact with his or her audience.

Dovetale provides advertising solutions so brands and agencies can discover, manage, measure and pay influencers primarily for branded content. According to the company, the new platform is based on advertising and marketing mood boards, to discover influencers on the abovementioned social media sites.

The company says it is as easy as uploading images that match the look and feel brand managers desire, and it will run the images through an artificial intelligence platform to generate a list of qualified influencers that match the criteria that have been outlined.

“Our recommendations engine is just one aspect of our platform that gives brands and agencies a whole new way of creating or enhancing their influencer strategies. Influencer marketing is at a standstill — the marketplace platforms that exist are not targeted and optimized to help brands succeed. We have developed a true technology platform that brings back the strategy, accountability and trust in influencer marketing,” said Mike Schmidt, Founder of Dovetale.

This process will save brand managers time because they will not have to go through outdated influencer databases. The platform provides tools to help discover the right influencer for the brand; management to build brands while growing the relationship with influencers; a payment system that simplifies processing with a secure platform; and an analytics solution with detailed live performance reports for brand managers so they can measure the performance of their campaigns in real-time with demographic data. 

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