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#HASHOFF Promotes Organic Social Influencer Marketing

March 24, 2017

Brands are always looking to find the right person, platform or message to attach themselves to. In today's digital environment they have many outlets, and when it comes to people, influencers are playing an important role in moving the message of a brand forward to a large customer base.

Influencers can have anywhere from tens of thousands to tens of millions of followers that eagerly watch their videos, tutorials and opinions on everything from makeup and smartphones to the water they drink. The new Amplified platform from #HASHOFF is going to be shaping influence with organic social influencer marketing through the paid media targeting of posts.

Online advertising is coming under great scrutiny as organizations start questioning the legitimacy of customer views and interactions. Unlike traditional media where the metrics can be measured with more accuracy, the digital ecosystem makes it much easier to manipulate the data that is dictating advert prices. With #HASHOFF Amplified, the company looks to provide tools for measuring the impact of organic posts in the same way as traditional paid media when brands expand the reach of their content through organic influencer posts. This includes the same metrics as clicks, engagement rates, shares, comments, and even online sales and in-store visits.

More than 150,000 opted-in social influencers that are part of the company can choose to “boost” a brand's post organically, meaning they will be sharing the product or service with their followers. This gives brands access to thousands of influencers at scale to expand their reach to custom audiences and shaping influence.

While the reach is great in itself, #HASHOFF's proprietary algorithm further amplifies the reach by combining keywords, interests, geography and past performance. This identifies micro-influencers that are more relevant to the brand and amplifies the message.

The #HASHOFF Amplified platform gives marketers access to the opted-in influencers' social media accounts with secure approvals. The process makes it easier for the influencer to go on with their task without having to worry about the backend processes needed to make it work. According to the company, this has delivered some high take rates of over 80 percent by the influencers.

If the influencer is promoting a brand they use in their personal or professional lives, their audience has an easier time accepting their opinion, whether it is positive or negative.

“Micro-influencers are creating uniquely powerful, authentic marketing channels for brands that deliver unprecedented levels of engagements and ROI,” said Joel Wright, President of #HASHOFF. “#HASHOFF Amplified is the next step in maximizing the potential of influencer marketing, giving brands the ability to boost their content organically to the right audience, expand it across social platforms, and measure its effectiveness with a granularity once reserved exclusively for traditional advertising.”


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