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Tidal Labs Rolls Up New Influencer Marketing Growth

March 30, 2017

Influencer marketing can be a great way to get people interested in a product or service, thanks to several key points about the nature of the tool itself. Potential advertising targets actively seek out the word of influencers—that's why these people are called “influencers,” after all—and tend to trust it over the word of corporate sponsorship. Tidal Labs recently saw some impressive gains in a product designed to help drive influencer marketing by turning it into a product on a content-as-a-service (CaaS) basis.

With Tidal Labs' product suite, users find a better way to connect to those influencers that actually have some influence in the necessary product field. Adding an array of clients from food to travel, Tidal Labs managed to double its client base in 2016 as it continued to add categories and expand its offerings. It's also managed to boast some key metrics that help users know what's coming out of such efforts, including advanced reporting tools on content views, engagements and more across several different blogging and social media platforms.

Since the Tidal Labs system even works with Google Analytics, that provides extra insight into overall demographics, post performance and more, allowing for better control over just what kind of influencer marketing dollars are going where. Throw in a white-label Influencer Hub system and brands get a better chance to develop an influencer marketing program more fully.

Tidal Labs' CEO Matthew Myers commented, “Tidal Labs' success in 2016 is due in large part to our ability to predict and solve challenges for our customers. Unlike competitors, Tidal Labs allows clients to own their influencer relationships and tap into existing customer lists and other systems through enterprise integrations. Our goal is to continue to deliver technological solutions that create lasting value and keep our clients ahead of their competition.”

Influencer marketing can be a powerful thing. After all, we haven't seen marketing tools that regular people actively sought out since the funny commercial, and even that only worked on something of a spotty basis; people might love the commercial but it doesn't always drive a purchase. Influencer marketing has a much better capability to drive sales; people want to buy the things that will work well for them, and influencers often show what works well in a given situation.

Thus a tool like Tidal Labs' system can be a great step forward in connecting brands and influencers, a move that helps make influencer marketing the powerhouse it can be. It's not a magic bullet cure for slow sales, but it can be part of a balanced marketing breakfast, so to speak, that generates better sales overall.


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