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The Future of Technology in Influencer Marketing

April 28, 2017

The world of influencer marketing is one that is still relatively new. As such, there are constantly new issues being discovered, and new solutions to those issues being created. Yesterday, Pepperjam released the results of a study conducted amongst marketers detailing some of these latest challenges and the best approaches for fixing them.

One of the most important findings from the study was the clear divide between general attitudes about technology and the actual implementation of it. Marketers in the survey said that the No. 1 priority of their departments going forward is to invest in the latest technologies that can then be leveraged to improve influencer marketing efforts. However, very few marketers (about 7 percent) reported that they had an actual plan in place to make sure that these technologies are being used. This illustrates one of the key issues that faces influencer marketing and marketing in general: everyone wants to talk about how useful new technology would be, but very few have an actual plan to put it in place.

In the same way, more than a third of marketers expressed the desire for stronger data analytics to help drive their influencer marketing efforts. While this does sound good, the fact of the matter is that data analytics still need to be adjusted for influencer marketing. Presently, marketers simply do not know enough about influencer marketing to guide data analytics in the correct way. These engines will need to be better told what to look for in order for them to be effective in the way that marketers envision.

By no means does this mean that it is time to abandon ship on influencer marketing; in fact, quite the opposite is true. The fact is simply that influencer marketing is still a new endeavor, and marketers have not yet figured out how to maximize the ROI from it. With that being said, the potential of influencer marketing is huge, and it is easy to see why. Marketers simply need to keep working to iron out the kinks and find the best way to deploy this facet of marketing.

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