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JMRConnect Helps Companies Amplify Their Visibility

May 15, 2017

The JMRConnect CEI platform recently garnered the Best Marketing Technology award from The Holmes Report at the In2 Summit in Chicago. The solution, which is focused on amplifying visibility, gained this recognition due to the deep analytics and quantifiable metrics it delivers relating to earned media value, clicks on popular social media sites, engagement on those platforms, employee advocacy levels, shares, and more.

“Companies today struggle to maximize the value of the branded content across channels, but JMRConnect makes it easy to mobilize social communities to share your message,” JMRConnect says. “By providing a platform to recruit followers and recommend content that they can push out to their social networks with a single click, JMRConnect helps companies engage and empower brand advocates across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Within seconds – literally – your followers can recruit their colleagues to join your program by sharing your content or by explicitly inviting them using their own personal recruiting link – through a single click.”

All of the above helps companies – and their employees, including everyone from the C-Suite, to sales, support, and beyond – to use this platform to amplify their visibility. And that’s important, because organizations need to make sure they are creating the right messaging to inform internal folks and the marketplace of their core values, what they bring to the table, and their thought leadership on key industry topics. But if those messages aren’t effectively shared with customers, employees, partners, and prospects, they won’t have the desired impact.

JMRConnect adds that amplifying visibility is also important to build brand loyalty and create advocates. That’s key given, as the company notes, people are more likely to take action when a recommendation comes from a trusted source.

“Because posts shared through JMRConnect appear as first-person recommendations, not as advertisements or promoted content, the platform helps brands build credibility and expand reach.”

The importance of correct messaging, along with enabling and encouraging the sharing of that message, points to the value of both marketing and public relations in today’s business environment in which content marketing, social media, and thought leadership are key. In fact, a new survey by the Association of National Advertisers and the USC Center for Public Relations at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism indicates that 62 percent of those asked plan to increase their internal public relations staff in the next five years. Additionally, 75 percent of those surveyed said they expect to increase their PR spending during the same window of time.


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The JMRConnect team brings decades of experience garnered from multinational corporations, the public sector, NGOs and industry associations, and as such is able to provide clients with the expertise and strategy necessary for an impact campaign.


Not only did JMRConnect significantly increase website traffic, organic visibility and optimize their SEO, but lead gen saw a drastic surge overall.


500% Increase in tracked top 3 keyword ranks (2 to 12)

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