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Tips for Marketing Your Business on Instagram

June 05, 2017
By Special Guest
Barrack Diego, Community Contributor -

In this day and age, businesses should have active Instagram accounts. This is because this social media platform has millions of users across the world. This offers businesses a ready market for their products and services. With the right tools, you can achieve your target profits within no time. Here are tips that will help you in growing your brand using Instagram.

Make Use of Free Instagram Tools

Instagram has tools that can help you market your brand; make sure that you utilize them. You can use the Instagram business profile which closely resembles Facebook’s business profile setup. There is also a visible contact, which calls your followers to action, allowing them to call, text or email the business. Business profiles also have analytics or insights which enable users to access engagement and impression data. You should take time to understand how your followers interact with your business content and make necessary adjustments.

Reward Your Customers

You should ensure that you create a lasting relationship with your Instagram followers through the use of discount codes.  You should interact with prospective clients at a personal level. Brands that offer promotions to their clients and discounts on their products and services tend to succeed more than those that do not. However, this does not mean that you keep giving discount codes every time; it is good to be spontaneous.

Link Your Account with Other Social Channels

Make sure that your Instagram account is connected to your business website and has all the links to other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. This will help you in expanding your reach to more users by getting free instagram likes. This is because it will create a source of traffic for every social media website that your business is present in.

Be Creative

To survive in this competitive business market, you must be creative. Creativity will help you in connecting with your target audience and keeping them engaged. Make sure that your images are breathtaking and not just plain professional. You want pictures that your followers will love and not just images that look like normal business advertisements. If your posts are boring, nobody will follow your business account or even interact with it.

Never Overwhelm Your Followers

Most businesses want to post regularly so that their brand may remain relevant and in the mind of the clients. However, frequent posts may overwhelm your customers and they may unfollow your business account. You should take time to monitor and evaluate the behavior and response of your followers. This will help you determine how often to post in a day or a week.

Seek help from professionals. You do not have to let your brand suffer in silence. You can seek help from professionals to help you manage and run your Instagram account. There are countless freelancers on various websites that can help you to professionally run your account and engage with your clients. This will give you adequate time to focus on the key business agendas. You will have peace of mind knowing that a professional is running your Instagram account.

About the Author

Barrack Diego is an avid Instagram photographer and a research analyst. You can read his blogs to learn more about receiving free Instagram likes.


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