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Boosting Your Conversions with Facebook Offer Ads

June 07, 2017
By Special Guest
Amit Jain, CEO, Broadcast SEO -

For almost five years now, Facebook has allowed businesses to create Offer Ads to promote products or services. Countless businesses, startups and big-name brands have taken advantage of this opportunity to reach more targeted customers.

If this is your first attempt to create an Offer Ad, then be prepared for a lot of testing. To help eliminate the guesswork, be sure to keep reading and follow these tips in order to grow your conversions.

What Are Facebook Offer Ads?

To put it simply, Offer Ads are a way to offer coupon codes on your Facebook Page. Take note that only Facebook Pages can create these ads, not individuals. Besides, your page must have a minimum of 400 likes to be eligible.

Once your ad is up and running, your target customers will see it on their News Feed. Just like any other post on the platform, users can like it, comment on it and share it. More importantly, they can claim your offer. With a click of a button, those who choose to claim it will be taken to your website directly or receive an email explaining how to use it in your brick and mortar location.

In many ways, Facebook Offer ads resemble word-of-mouth marketing. It's an excellent opportunity to promote discounts or even free offers to prospective customers. And when people see their friends sharing and claiming your offers, you can bet that they will feel compelled to try your product or service as well.

How to Create Offer Ads?

Facebook has made it quick and easy for businesses to create Offer Ads. However, it's still up to you to stand out from the competition. You need to leverage the platform's enormous reach so more targeted customers can see your ads. Here are a few best practices for creating your offers:

1. Offer generous discounts

Facebook doesn't impose a minimum discount for your offer; it does suggest, however, that you make your discounts substantial. Slashing 5 percent off the regular price of your products doesn't look compelling at all. Try to offer a discount of at least 20 percent. You might also think of offering free items, such as a “buy two get one free” deal. This should capture the interest of your audience, pushing them closer toward claiming your offer.

2. Capture imagination with pictures

It's no question that posts with images get higher engagement rates on Facebook. But you shouldn't upload a photo just for the sake of it. Instead, use one that shows your product or service in action. This can be a picture of a person using your product, allowing potential customers to imagine themselves using the product as well. Also, remember to use a different profile image for your Facebook Page, as it will show up next to your offer.

3. Select the right type of ad

Facebook Offers come in three categories: in-store only, in-store and online, and online only. Categories are self-explanatory, so make sure you pick the right type of ad to maximize conversions. You might also want to do some split testing to see what ad type performs best.

4. Track your offers with unique codes

One of the best things about the Ads Manager is that it allows you to create unique barcodes and redemption codes for your offers. For in-store offers, customers can simply present the barcode attached to the offer upon visiting your store. You can also require users to enter redemption codes when redeeming your online offer. These codes make tracking your offers simple, even if you send customers to third party suppliers. You can also set an offer ending date or put a limit on how many offers you provide.

5. Use simple language

You are required to include your terms and conditions for the offer. It's important that you use simple language so everyone can understand what you're trying to say. Be sure that you eliminate any unnecessary steps for the users. Make the user experience as straightforward as possible.

Facebook allows you to preview the offer before making it live for everyone to see. You can also preview what your email will look like. Be sure that everything's set perfectly before you publish your ad. And once it is live, pin it on top of your Facebook Page. It's more cost-effective to re-share your Offer Ads than create new ones from scratch.

About the Author

 Amit Jain is CEO of Sydney-based digital marketing company Broadcast SEO, which specializes in SEO and Web Design. In his spare time, Amit loves to kayak and play table tennis.


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