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Debunking the Video Marketing Myths

July 03, 2017

The Web marketing guru, Marcus Sheridan, sits down to discuss video marketing and adding videos to company websites. From sharing his thoughts on equipment to breaking down the how-to steps, he demystifies the process of creating a video.

One important area he touched on during the interview was that of video marketing myths. If your company is considering a video production, it is important you do not give into these myths. Not only will they deter you from producing a video, but they could force you to spend more than necessary to create a compelling sales video.

What are the Common Video Marketing Myths?

Myth 1: The Video Must Be Perfect – The video does not have to be perfect to be shown to the audience. In fact, any company that thinks they must perfect their videos before ever publishing them will spend more money and get less return on the investment. Sheridan says to embrace “the messy.”

Myth 2: Not Everyone is Good on Camera – While someone may not be a natural star, giving them several chances to run through the content will eventually bring out the Hollywood quality within them. Sheridan points out that with each take, a demonstrator or interviewer will improve. So, no one should be automatically disqualified because he or she thinks or assumes they will be miserable on camera.

Myth 3: A Script is Required – A script is never a good idea with video marketing. Not only can it take away the natural personality of a person in the video, but offering some leeway and opportunities for improv makes the video more natural than overly scripted content. While having a direction is critical, scripting every action and move are unnecessary.

Myth 4: You Must Spend Thousands to Produce the First Video – Sheridan says “no.” However, he does think a company should focus their budget on the microphone and save for a high-quality camera down the road. For just a $1,000 investment, Sheridan says any business can get the starter equipment they need to produce a great video for their audience.

Myth 5: You Can Produce a Video in a Short Amount of Time – Companies need to set aside time for their videos. Once the project has momentum, Sheridan says they produce 15 to 20 videos in a three-hour span. However, companies with no experience in videos should be realistic and portion out enough time to create their videos.

Learn more about Marcus Sheridan and get more tidbits on marketing by following The Sales Lion blog or visiting his website.

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