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Your Content Marketing Will Be Right for Someone, but Not Everyone

August 31, 2017

Should you try to appeal to everyone? According to content marketing guru extraordinaire, Robert Rose, the answer is “no.”  Robert should know. He’s helped some of the largest and  best-known companies in business create powerful customer experiences with their content marketing.  He also co-wrote the content marketing owner’s manual, Managing Content Marketing.

His advice to you: tell your story. Express your feelings, opinions, and thoughts to create interest and bond with potential customers.

You and Your Team Might Freak out at First – That’s Ok

To be effective with content marketing, you have to do more than just put generic content out there. That means putting your thoughts, feelings, and opinions in the public eye.

When you first sit down to write a whitepaper or blog for your business, you’re going to freak out. Putting yourself and what’s in your head on display for the entire world is going to be incredibly intimidating.

And the freak out won’t stop there. When you send the content to the your legal or sales departments – they’re going to freak out, too.  They’re going to be concerned because you’re taking a stand. You’re saying something that not everyone is willing to say.

In reality, that’s awesome. You’re a unique entrepreneur with a distinct point of view that deserves to be heard. This is what’s going to set you apart from your competitors.

What Sets You Apart Will Attract Your Ideal Customer

Business owners often worry that they’ll offend someone and lose prospective clients. This is a possibility. However, your goal in business is not to attract every single person. Why?

First of all, that’s an impossible goal. No company can attract the entire population. They attract people who resonate with their story and their brand.  Secondly, when you appeal to your ideal customer, you’re more likely to create loyalty.  People appreciate feeling like they’re understood.

A big part of the customer experience – which Rose says is one of the most important parts of content marketing – is feeling like someone gets them.  There are many facets to this: feeling like someone understands their needs or concerns, feeling like someone understands their desires, and feeling like they are able to bond with someone.  You can’t bond with someone if you never share your innermost thoughts and feelings.

So, while this is a scary prospect, it is one of the most important steps in differentiating you from the competition and appealing to your audience.

Focus on Your Story and That of Your Ideal Customer

Don’t try to appeal to the masses. No one in the history of humankind has been able to accomplish that. Instead, be true to yourself, your brand, and your story.  UIn doing so, you’ll not only appeal to your ideal customer, you’ll create an exceptional experience for them. And that will keep them coming back for more!

Do you need help getting your story out there? Check out Robert’s books, podcast, or the Content Marketing Institute for more tips on creating incredible content that gets you noticed.  

Edited by Erik Linask

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