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nFusz Releases New Video CRM Version

September 15, 2017

nFusz Inc. recently came out with version 3.0 of its notifiCRM solution. This offering marries customer relationship management with interactive video in an effort to drive more sales.

Organizations can upload their YouTube videos to notifiCRM, add interactive elements to them, and distribute them to their customers and prospects.

“With our flagship product, notifiCRM, we took the power of interactive video and built an enterprise-scale CRM platform around it,” said nFusz CEO Rory J. Cutaia. “So instead of waiting for your audience to find your interactive video ad posted on their favorite social networks, sales professionals could in effect push it to them by sending that video directly to them in targeted campaigns, where you could accurately track who opened it, when they opened it, what they watched and for how long, and what they clicked on.”

He added that notifiCRM enables businesses to more efficiently identify hot leads. The solution’s interface features a color button next to each prospect's name. Names with green lights next to them are most likely to buy. But, businesses that put a push-to-buy button next to the video may not even need to have a sales person interface with video viewers, Cutaia said, because those customers can buy direct.

Presenting customers and prospects with video that enables them to learn more about products – and then to simply click within the same interface to purchase those products – is an effective marketing and sales strategy, according to nFusz. The company says video tends to be more engaging than other mediums, and it notes that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter already have video capabilities in their platforms, and that LinkedIn is planning to add video functionality soon.

"The power of video to engage is indisputable," said Cutaia. "So, if you're using video, you've got your audience engaged -- now what? You've got their attention, how are you going to monetize it? Are you going to simply display the URL to your website or maybe your phone number at the end of the video? What percentage of the people that were actually interested in your video are going to type in your URL or pick up the phone? How much greater would that percentage be if your audience could simply click on product images in the video and purchase your product or service right then and there, or be taken automatically to your website, or be connected by phone to your sales team -- all while still watching your video -- how about up to 600 percent greater. That's the power of interactive video and that's our notifitechnology."

notifiCRM is offered on a subscription basis. Plans start at $9.99 per month.

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