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3 Non-Paid LinkedIn Distribution Strategies for B2B Marketing by Chuck Hester

October 24, 2017

Having a well-defined distribution strategy for B2B marketing on LinkedIn can tremendously improve leads and sales.

LinkedIn is usually known to be a networking and recruitment social platform. This professional nature has made it be a very attractive platform for B2B marketers. However, LinkedIn is quite expensive to advertise on, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

With these tips from Chuck Hester, you can cheaply advertise and distribute content on LinkedIn

3 Effective Distribution Strategies for B2B Marketing on LinkedIn

1. Publish Engaging Content on LinkedIn Publisher

LinkedIn Publisher is a mini-blog within the social media platform. You can use it to share your expertise and knowledge by publishing helpful articles about different subjects in your specific industry. This is a great way of attracting potential clients and leads.

Being a blog within LinkedIn, more people find this feature to be a reliable and trustworthy source of information. What’s more, your article will be published to your entire network. This means that your reach is instantly broader compared to publishing via your websites.

Ensure that you provide valuable content to your readers and add links to your website where applicable.

2. Joining LinkedIn Groups

Use these groups to reach out to potential clients. Be an active member of the group by posting regularly, sharing content, and commenting on posts. Share your expertise and knowledge, and ensure other members know how your products or services can help them.

3. Have an Attractive Page and Update Your Status

People will be more engaging if you regularly produce targeted status updates. The more views you get on your status, the more likely a person will buy from you. Your status can be anything from a funny picture to a simple quote – anything that will attract people to your page.

Clients Want to Know You More

Using automated marketing sites like InMail is usually not the best way to engage a client. Building relationships with them is always the first thing you do when you engage them. This way, they will know what your products and services are all about and how they can be helpful. 

Building a professional relationship with your client is as easy as sending a quick invitation to connect or a direct message with good information on why you want to connect with them.

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