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Influential Marketing: How to Build Relationships and Influence Clients

November 06, 2017

Ted Rubin is one of the most influential CMOs around. He’s energetic, enthusiastic, and he knows what works.

I was excited to talk with him recently on a podcast. Not only is he an amazing marketer, recognized as one of the greats by other digital marketers, he’s just an all-around fun guy to talk to.

And what he revealed in our chat was really eye-opening.

Today, you’ll learn about influential marketing.

2 Steps for Exceptionally Influential Marketing

Influential marketing isn’t about creating a campaign that makes people buy your product. Actually, influential marketing is about building relationships with your customers. A quality relationship with existing and potential customers has way more impact and influence on them than any of the ads a company pays for.

And according to Ted, building these relationships isn’t at all difficult. It just takes a little practice and some willingness to get outside of your comfort zone.

Here are the top two ways to start creating an influential relationship with your customers.

1. Stay Visible on Social Media

Not only do you want to advertise on social media, you want to use these platforms as ways to address issues. This can be scary. After all, some customers might be so upset that it’s easy to feel like they might make your company look bad.

However, by addressing their issues and being willing to do it publicly will make you appear more approachable and that you care about the customer experience. Even if the customer with the issue doesn’t appreciate it, your other social media followers will.

2. Treat Customers as You Would Like to Be Treated

This is a no-brainer, but so often people get so lost in their marketing efforts that they forget about it. Here are some ways to appeal to your customers.

  • Always treat them with kindness
  • Acknowledge that there’s an issue and you want to help
  • Help where you can
  • Listen carefully
  • If someone makes a positive comment about your company, reply to it. Thank them for it. You’ll make them feel great!

You Don’t Need a Lot of Money to Be an Amazing Real-Time Influencer

photo courtesy of Pixabay

People want to feel valued, and they won’t necessarily feel this way simply because you spent a ton of money on your marketing efforts.

Influential marketing isn’t reaching out to the whole of your audience. Rather, it has to do with reaching individuals. And reaching out to your individual customers doesn’t have to cost any money at all.

All you need to do is be there for them, to find ways to answer their questions and respond to their concerns. Once you do this, your customers will be more inclined to stick with your brand.

Do you have a tight marketing budget? Then, check out more affordable marketing tips from Ted and his partner at Prevailing Path, John Andrews. While the marketing steps they recommend don’t cost a lot of money, the results you’ll see from them will amaze you.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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