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Your Digital Marketing Issues Might Be All About Leadership

January 22, 2018

What should you do if you’re not getting the results you want from your marketing efforts? If you’re like most businesses, you keep trying to find ways to promote your brand, your business, your products.

Well, my friends, I’m here to tell you that this way of marketing is old-school – and it’s hurting your business.

Michael Brenner, a globally recognized keynote speaker and CEO of Marketing Insider Group, sat down with me recently to discuss the new wave of marketing. In his eyes – we’re about to experience a cultural revolution in digital marketing.

Your Marketing Efforts Should Be Customer Focused, Not Product Focused

We’ve all heard this to some extent, right? Our marketing efforts should be geared toward out target audience. But Michael’s way of marketing goes way beyond this. In his eyes, the whole process should be about the consumer.

The main focus of successful organizations is achieving an outcome for their customers. Companies like PG&E, Dove, and others have focused almost exclusively in helping their buyers make the best buying decision.

The customer experience for these companies extends beyond marketing to the very products and services that they deliver. They solve challenges for the customer.

And when a company focuses on the needs and desires of their customer, they end up seeing success financially.

Old School Marketing Can Actually Hurt Your Business Financially

At first, this seems counterintuitive to a lot of business folks. We’ve all been taught that we need to advertise, that we need to get our product in front of the customer and promote it as much as possible.

We see this regularly on television when we watch an NFL game and see the same or similar commercials for the same company over and over.

Michael tested it once and found that one company in particular had 40 commercials within the span of a football game.

The problem with this is that getting pummeled with promotions is actually a turn off. That, in turn, is bad for your bottom line. And this has been proved by recent studies – 40 ad impressions within a short period of time results in a decline in sales or the customer’s preference for that brand will start to decrease.

Will You Be Part of the Marketing Revolution?

Michael anticipates that over the next year the biggest change we will see in marketing is this switch from old-school product- or brand-based marketing to customer-based marketing.

He says there will be a lot of people who will continue to be the “order takers” who love taking advertising budgets from big consumer brands who want to see their logos splashed over stadiums and billboards.

We will also see those who focus on culture and customer – the true business asset with quantifiable value that a CFO can measure.

With all of the data pointing to the financial viability of putting the customer above your brand – will you be on board with this marketing revolution? If so, get ready to watch your profit level rise.

Would you like to learn more about the cultural revolution currently hitting the marketing world? Check out Michael’s blog or his book, The Content Formula

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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