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The "Hardcore Closer" Explains How to Close More Sales Without Getting Pushy

February 26, 2018

Ryan Stewman is a five-time bestselling author, sales trainer, and successful entrepreneur.

He is also a regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many other high-profile publications. That's why Ryan is known throughout the sales and marketing industry as the "hardcore closer."

Today, Ryan explains how to get everything you need to know out of an initial sales call.

Social Reconnaissance

Before even thinking of jumping on the phone, Ryan recommends doing some social reconnaissance.

The goal is to develop a relationship with the potential client. Start building familiarity with the customer. You'll get a better feel for their personality which helps to make the upcoming call a little more personal.

Ryan says it's important to spend more time conducting this reconnaissance than actually making the calls.

Instead of immediately tracking down every single lead, you can narrow down clients that are more likely to buy. This can help avoid rejection, reduce stress, and boost overall morale.

After all, no one likes hearing the word "no."

Get Personal

Most companies recommend calling leads within five minutes. Instead of doing this, Ryan suggests spending a few days getting to know the people.

Find out where they live and conduct business so you can understand who they are and which problems they face.

Ten minutes prior to the call, Ryan's team checks out their social media profiles. People share details on social media because they want others to see this information.

Show people that you're paying attention to them. Take the time to remember their names.

In his experience, people really appreciate this effort.

On the Call

The first thing Ryan does on every call is ask where the person lives and explains that he has successful clients in that same area. He doesn't lie. If he doesn't have clients in that specific city, Ryan stays general with states or regions.

Next, find out why they reached out to you.

You want to conduct small talk in a manner where you show social proof of your product or service working in action, and then follow-up by getting the client to admit they've made a decision with you involved.

After that, Ryan recommends asking open ended questions. Come up with about six or seven questions that you know will keep the conversation flowing.

When it comes to client questions, keep things simple and straight to the point.

Ryan says if you can get people to open their mouths, they’re more likely to open their wallet.

Don't get pushy: end the conversation by establishing a follow-up call, not necessarily a commitment to buy.

The Hardcore Closer

You can score a free paperback of Ryan's bestselling book Elevator to The Top here.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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