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It's a powerful new tool, but what are the important things to know about social media influencers and influencer marketing? - 2/23/2017

A planned visit to Israel for several NFL players goes south amid discovery of influencer marketing plans. - 2/14/2017

Facebook's new ad algorithms have left users craving more original content, offering a prime opportunity to leverage market influencers. - 2/14/2017

Telinta Brings Together its WebRTC and Virtual Office Solutions
Telinta announced at ITEXPO last week that it has added its WebRTC offering to its Virtual Office solution. - 02/13/2017

Microsoft Edge Sharpens Up With WebRTC
The latest version of Microsoft Edge incorporates some extra WebRTC tools to improve communications. - 02/07/2017

Internet Marketing Association

Last night in Chicago, as part of its In2 Summit, The Holes Report named the winners of its 2017 North America In2 SABRE Awards. The program targets the customer engagement and marketing world, highlighting new and innovative ways brands are engaging and influencing their audiences at a time where f… - 2/17/2017

Compared to traditional marketing, Internet marketing is more complex because of the ever changing landscape of digital technology. Whether it is the new algorithms from Google or the latest social media craze, Internet marketers must take all this into consideration, as well as what is taking place… - 9/29/2016

Word-of-mouth and referrals are the best forms of marketing. You don't have to pay for it and those who come to you as a result are more likely to buy. The only challenge here is that it's harder to organically drive this kind of marketing. Sure, you can ask for referrals from your favorite customer… - 8/24/2016

Since influence marketing is one of the last forms of marketing that its targets will actively seek out instead of actively avoid, it's becoming an increasingly popular marketing option. It's even gotten to the point where influence marketing can be effectively used on foodstuffs, and Mezzetta-the w… - 8/24/2016

The founder of Shopping Links, an Australian startup that connects brands with influential bloggers, is expected to speak at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week alongside a panel of other important figures in the fashion market. - 8/18/2016


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