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Mavrck is taking their platform to the next level by partnering with Adobe. The agreement focuses on a technology integration that enables companies using Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) to build influencer audience segments with Mavrck's influencer activation engine. - 9/28/2016

With these new insights available, brands and influencers will have a much easier time going forward. Snapchat can be an incredibly influential tool when it comes to marketing, and now companies have the appropriate tools to measure how well the platform is working for them. - 9/23/2016

Whether you know it or not, in 2016, user generated content (UGC) is an enormous part of your organization's marketing. Of course, not all of it may be good, but that's beside the point. It's out there in the form of social media reviews, message boards, blogs and online product/service feedback Web… - 9/22/2016

Telemedicine Helps Solve Night Coverage Problems
Keeping a hospital staffed can be difficult, particularly when the overnight hours roll around. Most people are predisposed to sleeping at night, so staying awake through those long hours can be especially difficult. Compounded by the difficulty of t… - 09/30/2016

Flowroute Co-founder Explains How APIs Are Impacting Telecom
Use of messaging is on the rise. WebRTC has great potential. And new APIs now make it possible for newcomers to leverage telecom resources in new and efficiency-enhancing ways. That was the message from Sean Hsieh, co-founder and chief product office… - 09/28/2016

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Compared to traditional marketing, Internet marketing is more complex because of the ever changing landscape of digital technology. Whether it is the new algorithms from Google or the latest social media craze, Internet marketers must take all this into consideration, as well as what is taking place… - 9/29/2016

Word-of-mouth and referrals are the best forms of marketing. You don't have to pay for it and those who come to you as a result are more likely to buy. The only challenge here is that it's harder to organically drive this kind of marketing. Sure, you can ask for referrals from your favorite customer… - 8/24/2016

Since influence marketing is one of the last forms of marketing that its targets will actively seek out instead of actively avoid, it's becoming an increasingly popular marketing option. It's even gotten to the point where influence marketing can be effectively used on foodstuffs, and Mezzetta-the w… - 8/24/2016

The founder of Shopping Links, an Australian startup that connects brands with influential bloggers, is expected to speak at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week alongside a panel of other important figures in the fashion market. - 8/18/2016

The value of influencer marketing is on the rise as marketers realize this breed of marketing is about the only one that people will actively seek out and interact with, except maybe for particularly funny Super Bowl commercials. While influencer marketing does vary in impact from one user to anothe… - 8/18/2016


Yorktel has been an established player in the video communications and media services marketplace since its inception in1985. The company, which launched as a reseller to government clientele, greatly expanded its offerings and portfolio over the years, and recently rebranded from York Telecom to Yorktel.


The JMRConnect team brings decades of experience garnered from multinational corporations, the public sector, NGOs and industry associations, and as such is able to provide clients with the expertise and strategy necessary for an impact campaign.

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For 30 years, Yorktel has gone the distance taking the complexities out of video and unified communications & collaboration (UC&C). As a video managed services and cloud provider, we bring your enterprise video communications to a new level, for today and tomorrow's technology. Yorktel - making complicated simple.